Lead by the Spirit

I knelt.

When, it seemed, time had nothing more to give and my heart was frazzled like a love-worn quilt. I stood defiant, no need to pray.

“I’m fine.” 

But, a yearning, deeper that the mysteries of the heart said, “Kneel, …just kneel.”

Clumsily, my joints not being what they once were, I steadied myself to kneel at my bedside. For what seemed to me, without explanation, my eyes welled up like the dew that daunts the edge of a spiders web on a foggy morning.

What is this?

A pent-up, grand release, I am moved to tears, not just tears, but sobbing. What weighed so heavy? Was it not enough time, my defiance, not really needing …anything, or maybe ignoring a longing too long.

He knew. I denied it. I nearly fought it. I was too busy, too tired, had too much to do. He won. I knelt and let go. There was more here than met my conscious understanding, but He knew.

I knelt.





Love Me, Love Me Not  /  by A.F. Reinhart   /  acrylic on a cardstock




33 Days, 11 Times

The commitment to a “33 Days to Morning Glory” year, has been and continues to be, a blooming process. Transformational. This is a year of self-discovery. A self, wholly dedicated to the Divine, lead by the Spirit, and being shaped by the Creator.

There is no doubt “33 Days to Morning Glory” by Michael E. Gaitley, MIC, was purposed into my life. I have learned to recognize these promptings and act on them. How are things determined to be from God? The inspiration reflects the qualities of the One who shared it. Is it done in Love? Does it show Compassion? Are you drawn closer to the Divine? A relationship like this should not be taken for granted, or overlooked. Listening and following are pivotal elements in this precious relationship.

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photograph by artist/author