The audience files in, some individually, some in groups. There is a certain expectation, but the Conductor has remained secretive about the actual compositions. No one really knows what to expect. The layout of the concert hall is immaculate, aside from some general repairs needed. It has endured the test of time. It is the Conductor’s hope to specifically draw in each attendee. The Conductor has great composers, each with their own beautiful songs. The Conductor is hopeful for a committed, faithful, fan base.

Great Composers

Included among these influential, great composers are such names as: 

St. Hildegard de Bingen, inspiring tenacity and fiery-spirit. St. Teresa of Avila, whose depth of spirit motivates an openness to the Conductor’s will. Mother Teresa, whose heartfelt compassion provides an awesome framework in building one’s own symphonic collection. St. Maximilan Kolbe, another with a steadfastness of faith that carries him ever onward in his journey. St. Louis de Montfort, with an emboldened fire, of which he hones for Christ, truly proving there is no flaw that cannot become a blessing. 

With these composers in mind, the beautiful melody is Love. There is a reciprocal relationship in seeing the value in each person, their individual circumstances, and being sensitive to that is key. True Listening has a place, personal significance, and interpretation.

This is the making of an amazing musical collaboration. I am not the Orchestrator, but simply one of the Conductor’s batons.

Beautiful Songs

By movement, motivated by Divine, low drawn out notes can rumble and the percussion can break in and the heart races. The melody softens and an upbeat rhythm transcends the heavier pace that carries an ominous overtone. There is beauty to it all, especially as the elements blend together. I am, as the baton, a conduit for what takes place. 

Great works such as; Opening to God, provides an increasingly intuitive reliance on holy insights, finding peace and transformation in quiet reflection.  Streams of Living Water, for me, provides the lovely accompaniment of historical traditions and the composers of those eras. 

They influence growth and the evolution of Spiritual Composing. It is enlightening to see the roles played out in various traditions. Many are moved by the Charismatic and the Contemplative Traditions. Throughout the performance, Love’s melodic theme is Grace, represented by repeat crescendos in the Composer’s movements for us. They are grace-filled Compositions. Connection is the music staff that structures the composition, holds it all together. 

It allows for life’s journeys to have continuity and revelation. Connection is strength, for each of us, to release wrongs and be open. Connection is the flow of music. If connection is an expression of who I am with God as the Conductor, I am open to Divine movements. This determines the tone, the impact, God has through me. Each, is their own beautiful arrangement.

Faithful Following

Has each attendee been touched? Will they keep the Composition, as a song in their heart? Are they so drawn to the Conductor that they will return?  Our lives are so hurried and hectic, maybe time for a Performance and true Listening is a missed opportunity. Trust the Conductor’s arrangement to play out as it should, let the Music flow.