I realized the other day, in my journaling, that it’s not about what you can’t do, but what you CAN DO. That’s been said, I realize.

We need to stop trying to unravel the can’ts (satan’s two cents) and take full advantage of the cans, about us, each one of us. Who we are and the Good we are created to bring into the world. (…)

Realize what we offer and power into it like a boss. The good-influencer boss we are created to be. Major shift.

One can spend years, if not a lifetime wallowing in the can’ts. What a waste of precious time.

Who is satan that we should give him any time, any foothold, he’s not, he doesn’t, he can’t, and we won’t give into that.

Recognizing its’ subtle deception is half the battle, giving the reigns fully, to God, is the other half.

Major shift. (It bears repeating.)

By God, in a solid effort to make a positive difference, I have the right to, I am able to, I will, I can, I am (you fill in the blank). The possibilities are unlimited.

Vision board creation, what’s yours?