Ever feel your life is on a road, in a fog?

You know where you’re going, but getting there isn’t as clear as you’d like. Not being able to clearly see, leaves room for doubts, the yeah buts, and what ifs.

Keep your focus.

Don’t let not being able to see clearly distract you from your journey, your heartfelt path.

Be determined. Persevere.

What lies in the fog can be mystery. The unknown can leave us doubt-filled, anxiety-ridden. When the journey is obscured, dark, or stormy, we need to build our confidence and trust rather than shudder and lose hope.

It is when a sheep is lost, that the Shepherd is even more determined to maintain, guide, and care for His sheep.

Journey on, in Light of His care.

In our darkest moments, that clearing is most difficult to see, but it’s there, be assured. Your blue skies, are God’s blue skies, your pain is His pain, your joy is God’s joy, too. The fog is going to come, and it is then, that leaning into God’s presence makes everything more clear.

Lord, be my Light.