I am out early this morning, here on the farm. I felt like a mother chimp, jungle-bound, as I combed over my baby for bugs, as I sat beside my beautiful pansy-plethora basket, deadheaded blooms and pinched off expired leaves.

The comparison gave me delight and fun motivation as I continued. My own, last of six, little chimp is soon to head out into the jungle on his own. We’re never alone though, really, always in the Creator’s company.

We also reside in, and with, the hearts of those we love. I’m not big on the empty-nest theory. I’ve got my service work, God’s will, in place to see me through the lack of kid things to keep me busy.

Although, does the empty nest go beyond not having things to do? I have to admit there is already a deep seated concern that my mother-umbrella has sprung a leak. That gaping hole won’t let me guardian over my littles like I need to.

As immense as the sky, God guardians us in ALL things in life, in death, and most especially when you’re out of your momma’s reach! I’m good with that.

So, we must prune well, remove any unwanted branches, encourage good growth, and do what we can to dodge bad bugs. Our next generation should be good to manage life and it’s challenges from here on out.

When we’re uncertain, or they are, we can trust that we will lean into our Creator.