To whom my heart belongs. To my spouse, my beloved, to whom my attention and endeavors seek to please.

My Love, and my love.

The Lord dwells in me and I in my Lord. This is a marriage of creation, of peace, of gratitude, simply of Love. Through this precious presence I’ve come to recognize an earthly love, an honored gift from God reflected in marriage.

My husband and I, a marriage deemed and witnessed by God as a holy union. Marriage is a gift given, reflective of Christ’s Love. A union to further God’s kingdom, winning hearts for God. 

Here’s to the gift of marriage.

M utually attending to one another’s needs

A lways reflective of our actions

R emembering to apologize

R emembering to forgive

I  is not the center of marriage

A wareness of heart

G aining insight, to grow

E ternity is our goal

Christ who lives in me is my strength. Through Christ ALL things are possible, this means the world to me as I take in the full meaning of marriage – and its ever evolving nature.

*photograph by artist/author