Lead by the Spirit

I knelt.

When, it seemed, time had nothing more to give and my heart was frazzled like a love-worn quilt. I stood defiant, no need to pray.

“I’m fine.” 

But, a yearning, deeper that the mysteries of the heart said, “Kneel, …just kneel.”

Clumsily, my joints not being what they once were, I steadied myself to kneel at my bedside. For what seemed to me, without explanation, my eyes welled up like the dew that daunts the edge of a spiders web on a foggy morning.

What is this?

A pent-up, grand release, I am moved to tears, not just tears, but sobbing. What weighed so heavy? Was it not enough time, my defiance, not really needing …anything, or maybe ignoring a longing too long.

He knew. I denied it. I nearly fought it. I was too busy, too tired, had too much to do. He won. I knelt and let go. There was more here than met my conscious understanding, but He knew.

I knelt.





Love Me, Love Me Not  /  by A.F. Reinhart   /  acrylic on a cardstock





FAITH-DRIVEN artist & writer

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